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Black Russian terrier was created in the former USSR during the 1950s as an ultimate guard dog. Cinologists (dog breeding scientists) of the federal military kennel "Red Star" ("Krasnaja Zvezda") melded Giant Schnauzer, Airedale terrier, Rottweiler, Newfoundland and Caucasian Mountain Dog into a big, tough dog suitable for military and police work in different climates. In 1984 the Black Russian terrier was recognized by FCI. This breed became very popular all around the world due to unique combination of abilities: great guardian and at the same time excellent companion and family dog. A handsome, bearded giant, BRT measures 66 - 78 cm at the withers. According to official standard, color is only solid black without any markings; or black color with some silver hair spread all-over the body. Sometimes pups of black-and-tan, fawn, silver and even white colors appear in the litters. These unusual varieties really have their own beauty. But it is considered to be a disqualification. The tail is docked; ears are left natural. Despite of it's size BRT is elegant and agile, this dog moves freely, is able to jump high, quickly change speed and turn around on "one square inch". Because of it's calm and not too active behavior, BRT equally suited for both for a house with garden and for apartment. These dogs do not become hyper or off-the-wall if denied regular exercise. They are happy to spend time with their human family and can be a perfect couch potato. BRT has non-shedding, odorless coat, which is very convenient indoors, also it protects the dog from snow as well as sun. Distrustfully vigilant attitude of BRT to strangers at the same time combines with benevolent to all household creatures and gentle loving disposition toward kids and family. BRT is protective, but not vicious, independent, but not stubborn, always a loyal friend, but never a slave.

          advantages of the breed:

bulletbig size, great power
bullethardy working
bulletwell tempered and calm
bulletgood health
bulleteasy to train
bulletexcellent dog for personal protection 

           disadvantages of the breed:

bulletconsiderable grooming is needed to maintain coat texture and correct styling
bulletearly, extensive socialization is must for this breed

            Black Russian terrier can be:

bulletgreat guard dog
bulletvery nice companion dog
bulletmagnificent show dog
bulletjust lovable family pet



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Kaizer iz Russkoi Dynacty BIG    International show, February 2007, judge Zvika Kupperberg

Pipe Major Alaska, BJIS-3         International show, February 2007, judge Zvika Kupperberg

Kaizer iz Russkoi Dynacty BIG-3 International show, May 2006, judge Janiki Shteinbok 

Tzar Kum Koroliu BOB, Israel BRT club show, May 2005, judge Irena Shvetz

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